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shouldnt we have signed Anelka ?

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just looking over the two squads for tomorrows game, i just cant help thinking they have the advantage wih a top class striker comming on while we've got saha :rolleyes: yes i know he can be deverstating on his day but when was his last deverstating day ? i just think Anelka could have a big part to play when he comes on because i cant seem him starting tbh, imagine what could have been with him tevez and rooney ... anyone think we missed a trick with le'sulk ? maybe it was a case of his attitude who knows ? :rolleyes:

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:mad: Jesus
it is stupid he is one of the worst strikers on the face of the earth
rooney played less number of matches and scored more
also tevez too
and ahh who shot the worst penilty ever (aftere terry) anelka
sorry no offence but anelka is for the muppet's
Drew9 said:
waheyy maybe this was a hoodoo on anelka haha, i stand by the fact that he's a good foward, but i'd have tevez over him every single day of the week, he's absolutely immense
so why did you start this thread :p
Drew9 said:
because abo, if im honest i feard what he could do from the bench and believed he would have been and good asset for our club, having seen him last night he doesnt have the commtiment required so really im very happy the we saved 15m it will be better spent elsewhere :D
:) lol.
thanks god we didnt
we are able to spend the cash on a younger lad like Huntelaar
Drew9 said:
lol, you do love the hunter dont you, lets hope he's as good as you say if we shell out on him mate
he is way too good better thank ruud
(Huntelaar + Petric + Del piero + Melviskiy + Nesmachny) are my favourate players from outside manutd :eek:
hope we sign one of the or two :)
Drew9 said:
lol cant see any on them comming to be honest, im really sturggleing to see who would improve us to be honest i think we're that good
huntelaar is coming
he wants united
next season he will score 50 goal :cool:
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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