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Just thought I'd post this up. Got it in a message at Stretford end flags. Basically, if your going to the Utd v Fulham match or INTER at home, bring all your scarves, flags etc.

Having spoken to a few people who thought Sunday looked good, we will encourage fans to make flags for the next round of the cup at either Swansea or Fulham.
The flags at Derby looked superb, with several media giving mention in their match reports (Although ITV failed to give one single camera shot/mention of the Utd support. Had this of been Liverpool fans, Im sure they would ahve had masse exposure).

Improving the colour and atmoshere is something we want more and more people to become involved with. We will promote this for the next round of the cup and take each round as it comes.

We have learnt a few things from Derby on Sunday and will ensure we put measures in place to allow more flags entry into the stadium, eg: we will distribute written confirmation for you all to print off once we have it, to ensure more people get flags into the stadium.

Pete Boyle managed to make his flag sticks out of rolled up carboard, so there is one tip for those worried about taking in canes. Make the carboard poles tight by wrapping together with cellotape.

So get making those flags and join the March of Fergies Army as we strive towards another Wembley Final.

PS - Remember your flags etc for Inter Milan at Home, as we bid to show our colours and show Jose who the Champions of Europe are.

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