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Today is Shrove Tuesday (otherwise known as Pancake Day in England) and I was interested to learn about the tradition of Shrove Tuesday football so thought you may be too...

Many towns throughout England held traditional Shrove Tuesday football ('Mob Football') games dating as far back as the 12th century.

The practice mostly died out with the passing of the Highway Act 1835, which banned the playing of football on public highways, but a number of towns have managed to maintain the tradition to the present day including Alnwick in Northumberland, Ashbourne in Derbyshire (called the Royal Shrovetide Football Match), Atherstone (called the Ball Game) in Warwickshire, Sedgefield (called the Ball Game) in County Durham, and St Columb Major (called Hurling the Silver Ball) in Cornwall.

Goals are about 3 miles away from each other and it can last up to 3 days :eek: exhausting players and spectators.
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