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I have said on here I am in favour of United holding a minutes applause for the
City game. To drown out the possible noise from City fans.

But maybe I say this because it is how my people celebrate. I am used to this.

Manchester United is of course an English club so I now change my mind. They
must go with their own traditions.

In fact if they didn't use the minutes silence that would just be a cop out.

The minute's applause is something invented in the recent years to allow clubs to
remember people without running the risk of yobs spoiling the occasion.

Applause is good ...

When you are dealing with the death of an individual, especially a former player
for example, a minute's applause has a certain amount of dignity.

You applauded them on the pitch during their career so why not celebrate their
life in the same way?

Fair enough.

But we are not talking about a single player here.

We are talking about a tragedy which took the lives of 23 people. People with
wives, children and grandchildren back home waiting for them to return from a
football match.

Remembering that sort of event is no occasion for clapping. It should be somber
and dignified, respectful and contemplative. I understand there is rivalry between
City and United. And I understand that that rivalry is passionate and intense. But
surely it can be put aside for a minute to respect the dead.

To be honest, at first I thought we might be blowing the whole thing out of
proportion, looking for a problem where none existed.

But then, on Wednesday, some idiots threw paint bombs at a poster in
Manchester that had been erected to commemorate the occasion.

If they are capable of that simple yet disrespectful act, then I would imagine
making their voices heard at Old Trafford when the rest of the 70,000-plus crowd
is completely silent is not beyond their levels of idiocy.

And it's not only the Manchester derby that could be affected by these mentally
challenged muppets - FA chief executive Brian Barwick has insisted that
Wednesday's international match at Wembley should also be preceded by a
minute's silence as it falls on the exact date of the anniversary.

That game has even more potential for problems in terms of keeping the silence
as you could potentially have fans from 91 different clubs intent on causing

But both the FA and Manchester United are right for insisting these minutes of
respect go ahead as planned. Just like it is wrong for society as a whole to bow
to terrorists, it is wrong for football to bow to hooligans.

Anybody breaking the silence at either of these two games should be named and
shamed. There are literally thousands of cameras at football matches these days.
Most people have mobile cameras, then there are the press photographers, the
CCTV cameras and the television cameras.

At the first hint of a yell or chant every single one of those cameras should be
turned on the culprit or culprits. Then images of these brain dead thugs should
be broadcast around the world, published in newspapers and uploaded to sports
websites everywhere.

And, to top it off, they should be banned from all football grounds for life. I don't
care how harsh that seems, these people have no place in football.

In fact they have no place in society.

So to any United fans (AND CITY FANS - I know not all of you are bad people) who
read this - if you are at the game - and somebody breaks the silence - be sure
to get pictures of these idiots - name and shame them !!!

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I agree with the minutes silence. Don't get me wrong, a minutes applause is excellent but for some reason a minutes silence just seems right for this event.

It adds to the emotion and I guarantee you that grown men and women and young boys and girls will shed tears as the minute, what will seem like an eternity goes by. From that whistle the memories and visions of the Busby Babes, the victims, the survivors, the tragic moment on a runway in Munich, will sow their seeds in 76,000 "Manchester" fans. I just hope that the travelling City fans will respect it, because if there was some sort of a tradgey at their club and we were there for an anniversary of it, I would wwithout doubt respect it because "Lives" were lost, not a game of football, but human beings lives were lost as they carried out their love for a footballclub and representing Manchester United FC, aswell as other media's. There were brothers, fathers, sons, uncles, nephews, footballers on board that plane and for them to loose their lives in the circumstances, is simply unjust.

This minute will have a huge effect on the fans and the players alike, not forgetting the relatives of the deceased and the survivors. You'll be able to see the whole story etched across Sir Bobby Charlton's face and it will be a spectale for the English game. City will respect it, in my opinion, because they know that this is something serious and not a football game lost, or a recent victory.

So to answer the origanal question, a minutes silence is most appropriate, as it will encase the whole story as people will look back on a really terrific team.


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It has to be a minutes silence.
IF some idiots decide to make noise and ruin it, then United fans should ignore them. If United fans start screaming back and getting involved in fights that wont be good.
Let us be the mature people and if some idiots decide to spoil it then they shall be named and shamed and disgraced for the rest of their lives.
Karma and all that........
great post Carly by the way.

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silence , why this debate it is the traditional way to mark any tragedy , let the city fans do what they want , i for one do not think they will not break it because they will want to live and go home , simple

i personally believe it is suicidal to try the silence at an england game , because the cockneys and all the scum from grimsby , hull etc will heckle it

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With the clamp down on Hamilton's geerers in Spain it shows how they are clamping down on this type of negative input from rival fans.
Agreed, silence is needed for moments like these, there is plenty of time to cheer as a United fan.

Clapping hands for 60 seconds means feck all, you don't think about it and what it means, but bow your head for a 60 seconds silence, and it reminds you of what once was and what this club means to us all, then when that whistle blows to end the 60 seconds then the atmosphere will explode and hopefully we will see the kind of atmosphere we see on European nights!

Long live United, the Busby Babes are entwined in our history and will NEVER be forgotten!

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I make big mistake with the title of this thread ...

I was more keen for the emphasis to be on the 'naming and shaming' of anyone
spoiling the minutes silence ...

Not another debate on silence or applause ... :(

My own fault not to worry ... :mad:
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