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I like the idea.

It seems to work very well in rugby and doesn't slow down the game. There are a few other things I would like to see implemented in football. Bear with me lads.

The first would be only the captain has permission to talk to the ref. It's creeped in far too much lately, players up pressuring the ref to make a decision. The Vidic sending off against Liverpool would be an example. Chelsea and us of course are also widely known for doing it. It shows a total lack of respect and sportsmanship trying to intimdate refs this way. Running up to the ref, screaming at him isn't going to get you anywhere. Would like to see this rule introduced.

The other one, I wouldn't mind seeing introduced is an American Football one. It allows the coach of either team to challenge a ref's decision three times in half. It should be used for just key decisions, goals, penalties, sendings offs. Stuff like that. The refs make the decision and the managers can challenge it. They go to the tv match official and examine the decision and decide if the correct one is made.

Those are just a couple of things I would like to see introduced. Then again, it will totally change football and the controversy but I think it's the fairest method in both cases.
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