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Fergie reveals how he blew off the Chairman of the Board after a shocker against the Addicks.

Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, holds few regrets after 22 trophy-littered years at Old Trafford. The Scot may have missed out on signing Paul Gascoigne from Newcastle United in the late 1980s, but 10 Premier League title and two European Cups have helped ease the pain.

But while it was a summer holiday that prevented Ferguson from luring Gazza into a Red Devils shirt, it was football that thwarted a much-anticipated meeting with one of his idols.

The former Aberdeen boss was supposed to have dinner with Frank Sinatra one evening in April 1989. However, a surprise defeat to Charlton Athletic left Fergie so incensed that he pulled out on the legendary singer.

When asked which song summed up his managerial career, Ferguson told the MUTV: "Well, you can't beat Sinatra, can you? Ole' Blue Eyes.

"I was actually supposed to have dinner one night with him and we lost to Charlton, and I cancelled him at home.

"I wasn't in the mood to meet anybody that night, so it was back in the bus."

It wasn't the last time football would interfere with Ferguson's down-time, and he admitted his passion for the game developed into a dangerous obsession at one point.

He said: "I would come home at night and phone the scouts and other managers, but I was involved in everything at the club. If I'd carried on, I would probably have done myself some damage.

"But then out of knowing how obsessed I was getting, I knew I had to get some other interests and that's when I started buying a couple of horses.

"My wife Cathy said I'd get obsessed with that too and, for a while, I was. But now I just use it as a type of leisure.

"Then I started reading up on wine and playing golf again, for the first time in a long, long time.

"So bit by bit, I realised I had to find other avenues in which to use my energy and not be obsessed with everything that was happening at Old Trafford."
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