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Ferguson is the smartest coach ever! I like the way he thinks! If it's so then real madrid are s*ckers!!! they are very funny guys over there! in all ways gaby put himself out of the team few months before he left for madrid with his perfomances and his behavior! but he is in the first 11 in every match i think(i dont watch a lot of real games. i dont like the football they play).

In any way real always bought players who had very poor performances in united for the last games...heinze's carrier ended when he injured his knee against villareal, since then evra was better!
Vannistelrooy had a lot of issues with the team 9 months before he has signed a contract with real. he didnt even play in the Carling Cup final against wigan in cardiff!!!

David Beckham married that [email protected] b1tc victoria adams who wanted to accomplish her american dream in holywood :p that's why she persuaded david to move in madrid. ferguson "sent him off" with a shoe in his head :)

Ronaldo stayed at united coz he has a lot of years of football! when he will not be able to performance like that or his behaviour will be against sir alex willing he will move to real....

Real's main goal is to sell shirts of their stars, they are always trying to have the best idividuals but they never have the best team!!! i believe fletch could play better that gutti i.e :p

Let's hope fergie will stay as a first team manager for more years :)
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