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sweet fa said:
if you read jack charltons autobiography you will discover that our bobby turned his back on his own mother , although all the family loved him dearly he simply stopped visiting her .jack has great admiration for his little brother but cannot understand why he stopped seeing his mother who longed to see him :confused: he seems to have let utd come above his nearest family and in all honesty that ain't such a wonderful person in real life.
If you read his book about his Man Utd years, then he declares in there that the split between himself and his mam was due to his mother trying to be too influencial on Sir Bobby and particularly his wife - once it became a stand off between his mother and his wife, he sided with his wife...... my only personal experience of Bobby Charlton ( as he was then ) was in 1974 when he was departing Ringway Airport for the WC in West Germany - me just being a little snotty nosed youth at that time and an anorak plane spotter - I said hello to him as he walked by me, and he blankled me as if I was a piece of sh*t off his shoe........ ignorant c u next tuesday i thought................
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