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One of the real greats of the beautiful game has sadly stated that he is "dying".

Sir Bobby Robson is argueably Newcastle United's greatest ever manager
and even managed a spell with the National team along with a successful
era in the Spanish league with Barcelona.

Sir Bobby was appointed assistant manager to Steve Staunton at the
Republic of Ireland offices but due to his unfortunate ill health, he sadly
never appeared on the touchline in the crest of Ireland, but he captured a
piece of Ireland fans hearts when he even thought about accepting the position

Of recent times, Sir Bobby has been battling his way through cancer and he
has admitted its getting the better of him. Speaking to SunSport, Sir Bobby
had this to say;

“I have accepted what they have told me and I am determined to make
the most of what time I have left. I have been fortunate to survive this
long. It is thanks to my doctors and their dedication.

“My condition is described as static and has not altered since my last
bout of chemotherapy.

“They have arrested the growth of the tumours on my lungs and I have
my next scan shortly.

“I am going to die sooner rather than later. But then everyone has to go
sometime and I have enjoyed every minute.

“I don’t even think about it and my biggest problem today was unrelated,
just old-fashioned laryngitis.” Caring, charismatic and with time for anyone,
Robson is loved by all."

I am not going to sit around at home thinking about what might or might
not happen.

“I have always found it difficult to turn down good causes and invitations
from people I know.

“My family and close friends have always said I should say ‘No’ more often
and now is no different.

“It has been a hectic summer. I have watched a couple of days of
Wimbledon, several days of Test cricket and Durham county cricket.

"I had my own celebrity golf tournament in Portugal and managed to enjoy a
few days holiday afterwards before returning to London, where I was
honoured by the Football League Managers Association.

“They not only inducted me into their Hall of Fame with a host of celebrities
but it was at a special dinner, the first of its kind.”


Its a sad thing to hear from a man who has had so many highs and has been
involved with so many different clubs and in so many different ways.

These clubs are ones which are left with great memories of having such a
warm hearted man as their manager.

Ipswich Town
PSV Eindhoven
Sporting Clube de Portugal
FC Barcelona
PSV Eindhoven
Newcastle United

This is a man who bravely beat cancer not so long ago but the illness has
returned and he feels this time its too strong for him.

Our thoughts are with you Bobby.....

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Sir Bobby Robson Losing Cancer Battle

This man is a true gentleman of football, a legend who has had a career in football
spanning 6 decades. He has managed at the very top all across Europe and even at the World Cup.

Former England manager Sir Bobby Robson has admitted he will lose his battle with lung cancer "sooner rather than later".
More info here:

Lifetime achievement award presented by Fergie.

Senior Clubs: App (Gls)*
1950–1956 Fulham 152 (68)
1956–1962 W.B.A 239 (56)
1962–1967 Fulham 192 (9)

Clubs Managed:
1968 Fulham
1969–1982 Ipswich Town
1982–1990 England
1990–1992 PSV Eindhoven
1992–1994 Sporting
1994–1996 Porto
1996–1997 FC Barcelona
1998–1999 PSV Eindhoven
1999–2004 Newcastle United

Texaco Cup Ipswich Town 1973
FA Cup Ipswich Town 1978
UEFA Cup Ipswich Town 1981
Rous Cup England 1986, 1988, 1989
England Challenge Cup England 1991
Dutch Championship PSV Eindhoven 1991, 1992
Cup of Portugal Porto 1994
Portuguese Championship Porto 1995, 1996
Copa del Rey FC Barcelona 1997
European Cup Winners' Cup FC Barcelona 1997

Wow ! Very very sad news indeed.
One of the real greats in football with
a long long long career behind him.

Keep fighting Bobby, never give up the fight.

thanks for the youtube vid Jazz.


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I was saddened to hear he's finally losing his cancer battle.

One of THE great English managers. He had a very successful career, was one of the few English managers to work abroad and he became a national hero when England finished 4th at Italia 90.

He always seemed like such a nice guy and he is well-respected across the football World.

He'll be a big loss to the World of football and the World in general.

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I was going to post this up yesterday but didn't know whether I should have or not.

I was quite upset when I read about it. No doubt a fantastic man, fantastic manager, no doubt one of the top managers in the World.

And to think, this is the fifth time hes had it! :(

I give him my best, best wishes and hope to God that he defies the odd's and beats it again.

It must be awful for him to know in his heart that he'll die very soon.

He's a great man and brought a lot to the football world.

I hope they put up some sort of memorial feature for him somewhere
when he's gone for people to remember him by.

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very very very tragic news my thoughts are with his family and friends he is a man ive always admired for his honestly and great grace within the footballing world, we shall loose a real gem of a character on the tragic day he passes i hope he is remebered for the great man he was.
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