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The "Father of Football" as said, appeared on SkySports 2 earlier tonight
prior the Newcastle United and West Brom game to give his thoughts.

Whilst he gave an insight into how he thought the club would progress and point
out that Michael Owen is a key part of the set up, he still managed to smile and
joke despite battling cancer.

On August 7th of this year, Sir Bobby stated to the media that he was loosing his
battle and that the final whistle would blow "sooner rather then later"

Looking smart in a black jacket and hat, coupled with his black and white scarf, Sir
Bobby lifted his hat to reveal that he was undergoing "radiation" as he put it, as
he attempted to fight off cancer. The white mop of hair once seen was no more,
but with a smile and a slight laugh, he happily stated "they said it would grow

Its super to see him still about in the game and braving the cold of Tyne-Side to
watch his beloved Geordies.

Many of you will recall seeing Sir Alex present a Life Time Achievement Award to
Sir Bobby on BBC not too long ago where you couldn't help but feel a lump in your
throat as he made an emotional speech! (Video below)

....Good Luck Sir Bobby!

Thread where Sir Bobby was calling it time


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He should of been at home with his feet up and been nice and warm watching this game but he love's the game too much.
Football is what he is......... have alot of time for Bobby
Hope he get's past this again. He is a good man
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