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Sir Matt would be Proud

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So 50 years and 40 years on from the defining moments in our history and 9 years on from an undefeated cl campaign the squad do us proud yet again .

Sir Bobby looking pleased as punch led the boys up and he must have felt so many emotions .

50 years ago he lost many of his best friends yet he has borne the loss with supreme dignity . How fitting it was to see him there tonight .

Giggsy has taken his appearence record but bobby charlton always will be mr manchester united .

Fingers crossed next season he sees us match the scousers record of 18 titles and maybe win other trophies .

Now ole is in charge of the reserves the future can only get even brighter :) :)
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Sir Matt would of been so proud of Fergie's achivements at Manchester United if he was still here, there's no question about that. I'm sure he'll would of been watching from up above and be over the moon, just like every United fan all over the world is.
ir Bobby Charlton, I was pleased to see him up first, to get a medal and first on the pedastal, what a guy, he's played in one United european final and he's seen United win it another two times, what must he be thinking?

I said my bit in the MUTV studio after United's emphatic win.
same for all of us... we are proud of the team...
Im so proud of the lads...i cant even put it into words
sir matt busby would be overwhelmed with this victory -50 years since his great team was destroyed, and 40 years since his rebuilt team conquered ,its its well its the utd way of doing things ain't it.
there is just so much history at this club so many coincidences that seem to fall into place ,thats what i love most about the club everythings so dramatic even our failures are impressive and our victories can be awesome .
seeing bobby charlton lead the team up them steps will live in the memory forever what a fitting tribute to the babes and the team from 68 !brilliant.:)
Sir Matt and the Busby Babes would be lookin down and they'd be proud. The lads honoured them in the most perfect way. When we won, i immediatly though of how we had done for them. It was very emotional.
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