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I watched Bilic as a guest in our national TV studio during Liverpool-Arsenal match. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a spot on ! When describing that Ronaldo goal in Rome he said - " He's an animal ! A beast ! We can talk all we want about his tehnique, dribbling skills, that's all nice , but this guy is READY/FIT ! Pepole ask me who is the best player in the world and I like to say that there are aprox. 10 best players. The form shows who's on that level above everyone . just look at Ronaldinho - he can still do the things he was doing 2 years ago, but he can't do it on regular basis like Ronaldo is doing at the moment ! He's not fit, not prepared - he has the class, the talent but he's not ready. And Ronaldo ? Like I said - He's an animal ! .....
When asked what he thinks is the reason of liverpool's failure in EPL he said - "I think it has got to do with system. Rafa is a great expert and I can't be the one to criticise him -I can only take the hat off for the things he's done in his career, but I can say MY observations of Liverpool . They are a side that obviously lack match-winners apart from Torres and Gerrard. they are a great side that can beat ANYONE in 2 matches. They will stay firm, rip opponents play, score 1 goal and close the match down, but when they get to face Wigan or W.Ham for example, the teams that like to sit back and defend against the big boys - they lack improvisation. KUYT ; VORONIN _they are good players that will work hard for the club ; they will deliver a solid performances against the big clubs; but nthey wont win them small matches::::
about arsenal he said _ you cant conceede those goals like they did against liverpool : sure; liverpool and united CAN conceede those goals but arsenal have been doing it for quite some time now: the first and the second liverpool goal were down to awfull defending: beginners mistakes:::senderos should have wathced both the player and the ball at scousers first goal::::

your thoughts on "animal" statement guys ?
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