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Yup am talking about the almighty affellay

i would take them both with along with Emanuelson Bruins Sulejmani and Aissati if i had the chance

but if i had to choose one player from the whole Dutch league Affellay will always be my first choice ahead of the crazy scoring Suarez
because Suarez is very similar to Wayne Rooney in terms of playing style and it happens that he moved into a more attacking position when Huntelaar left and he took the job of scoring the goals
second of all Affellay have proved himself on the bigstage unlike Suarez, Affellay made a huge impression on everybody in the Euro's in the few minutes he played
this season he suffered from few minor knocks but last season he was among the best midfielders around
I don't think that's 'proving himself on the big stage' . If it was that simple than Obertan would be a french international by now.
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