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The fact is if they wanna fight,they will always find a easy way to do that.They will always find some tiny street,some passage or park without cameras or police.They will wait for them in some other city or other country.........that's how the sick brain thinks.

Carly,you have to consider that is very,very hard to organize any game........local or big's inpossible to predict every shits wich might happen.
You have to consider that ppl who comes to the game,they are not all fans.Some of them are psyhos who are there just for the fight.
And also you have to consider "the police factor".They aren't all robocops-gracious and honest.Some of them maybe,are having very bad day;some maybe,saw last night his wife in bed with somebodie and today he is very mad;and some,maybe just hate you and your club.

EX1:Few weeks ago,whan I was going with my mate to Red Star-Bolton(0:1) match,we were passing by policemans who were standing in the line(maybe 7-8 of them) on the bus station.One of them told us:"You stincky gypsies pus*ies,we are gonna kill you all tonight!!!"I'v just repley him:"Good evening to you too,oficire",and walk away.(synonym for RS fans is "gypsies")

EX2:A couple years ago,I was at Red Star-Roma(3:1)match.And after our third goal in 86 minute, maybe 20-30 policemans was running to us,and started to jump and chant with us.....they were on duty,of course.
They don't give a fu*k for security,they were here to watch football..........what a plonkers........And it was pronounced as a "high risk match"by UEFA,a couple days before.

EX3:Few weeks ago,my mate was in Greece,in Thessaloniki on Aris-Red Star(0:3) match.He came from Belgrade at 11PM in wednesday with 300-400 RS fans.They were going with busses.The match was in thursday.They came to Macedonian and Greek border,next day in early morning.From this border,Thessaloniki is 70-80 miles away,but they came to match on half time!!!!Why!!!????...............This morning,everybodie who speaks serbian was attacked by nn hooligans.Many,many serbs are living and working in Thessaloniki.16 serbs were stabed and many,many beaten,just for this early morning.Nobodie was ever arrested for this crimes,cos whole town had a motiv for attacking serbs:Two big clubs is from Thessaloniki-Aris and PAOK.Red Star fans and Partizan Belgrade fans hates eachother.Partizan fans are in great relationships with PAOK fans,so PAOK fans hates RS fans.......also RS fans are in great relationships with Olympiakos fans who hates Aris!!!!!...............anyway,police were arrest those RS fans on border,cos police were scered,what is going to happen if those 400 RS fans came to town and see present situation..........They were arresting them.....not real criminals!!!!!

Sory if I' v been boring......but my point is that hooligans are not always main problem..........and also,in this situations, there is 1000 other details wich can be a threath for innocents lives.
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