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Stephen said:
Should of kept with Rooney and Tevez as strikers.

What gives Berbatov a devine right to start, ahead of a double winning partnership?
Thats what I was thinking, and what I was worried about. I have a fear that Berbatov will be seen by many as the talisman, and the other players, Tevez's contribution especially, will not be given the credit and attention it fully deserves. There seems to be an unhealthy obsession with Berbatov.

I didn't think, and don't think, Berbatov was the right player to buy for several reasons, especially for the price we did.

But now hes a Man Utd player, I'll give him time to show us what he can do and wish that he does well.

Yesterday he probably shouldn't have started. He had the shot and set up the goal, but apart from that he was posted missing. Granted he wasn't the only player who didn't play well, but that doesn't excuse him, or those other players for that matter.
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