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Hello boys and girls :)

Don't know if you have noticed but if you check the bottom of every page on here
you will see the link for the "Soccerlinks Hit list".

We were stuck around position 39 to 41 on here for many weeks.

But for the past 4 days I have been putting plenty news articles up - sometime 5
or 6 a day which places us on the top of a few news agencies and many people
come to see our forum.

Right now we are actually number 10 - not 11 as it shows.

In the next 2 or 3 hours we will move up to number 8......I have the Real Madrid
site one place above us and we're going to get past them today for sure, lmao.
Above them is World soccer (bums) and then a bloody Arsenal site which we
MUST get past too.

Click the link and check it out.

Because we move so high in the Soccer Hit List we now get many, many hits and
new members come here.......

But I find it hard to find the time to locate nice United news stories or articles now.

So I could use some help from you guys.

If you spot anything nice or interesting can you PM me this link for them - then I
can post them up in the News Room to keep this "rise" of ours going.

I'll post them in your name if you find them too - then everyone sees the guys
helping out.

Your help would be appreciated thankyou ... xx

We just passed Real Madrid site - AND World Cup Soccer site......

8th position now woooo hooooo !!

Just 45 points behind The Arse Grrrrrrrrrrrr !!!
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I'm sorry, I don't see that link below.

*edited* I just found it.

*edited* YESSS, SIR!!!
Justice said:
Wheres the link?
Almost at the bottom, in the middle (it's blue-red-black)
Lawbreaker1944 said:
Almost at the bottom, in the middle (it's blue-red-black)
Are you sure? I still cant see anything...
Justice said:
Are you sure? I still cant see anything...
this is the link

look for the .gif in the middle at the bootom of the screen.
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Justice said:
Are you sure? I still cant see anything...
scroll to the bottom of this page - right in the middle in bold black letters it says "NEWS NOW"...........look right below here for a flashing icon with "This site is ranked 10" in it !!
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