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I think this is so darn funny...The weirdest i've come across for years...

It's definitely been the year of the Newspaper...

Troy Dyer (Derby County fan) says...

Word on the BSWW circuit in Spain is that Barcelona have already sealed a deal for Ronaldo. Ronaldo will remain at United next season before moving to the Camp Nou with Ronaldinho coming the other way. Ferguson has wanted Ronaldinho since his days at PSG. Berbatov to join United for an estimated £18m deal with Luis Saha going to Tottenham. I'm glad our boys won't have to face United again next season!

----Ronaldhino to Manchester United?? Great !! ...not... And at least there's an upside for this lad to Derby being Relegated..

Gav Chan (Manchester United fan) says...

Just heard from top source Ronaldinho WAS at OT the other day finalising a move..replacement for ronaldo?

---- No Comment...Seriously..

Nick Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

Ive been working outside Ninian Park (Cardiff City) and Ryan Giggs Left the Stadium with Peter Ridsdale. Aaron Ramsey for Giggs is the word .

---- What a great Deal! maybe we can also swap Rooney for Kevin Phillips ey!

Steve Robinson says...

Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs have both been spotted at the Stadium of Light this morning. Looking good for signing. James Beatie was apparently spotted yesterday and with Kenwyn Jones looking like he is going to newcastle, Beatie looks like a likely signing. Damian Duff is going to other way to Jones romour has it.


Luke Forrester (Aston Villa fan) says...

I travel past the Villa training ground during the week on my way to work and this morning i saw Klaas Jan Huntelaar standing outside on the phone, exactly the sort of big name goal scorer Villa need

---Huntelaar on the phone outside Aston Villa? i thought he was in Switzerland mate? :confused:

Daniel Wilson (Aston Villa fan) says...

Steven Gerrard to Inter Milan, Liverpool to get a taste of their own tapping up medicine. Barry will stay as Villa will be 4th next season with Liverpool slipping to 6th behind everton and go into liquidation due to money grabbing owners and a rule breaking boss.

--- i dont think so!! ok.. , Although seeing Liverpool in 6th place next season would be nice

Musa Job (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsene Wenger has been giving permission to Speak to,David Villa, Guizer,Ricardo Quaresma at Both Spain and Portugals Hotel accomodation. And Emirates have sent two private jet to bring in Pascal Feinduno ( St. Etienne) and YAYA Toure (Barcelona) To sign 5 years contract each with a combine fee of about 16 Million Pounds.

---Straight to the hotel?? 2 private jets??

Rafaelle Vincenzi (Manchester United fan) says...

I overheard a director of Milan saying that Drogba has agreed to join but that he had to convince him as Drogba was dissapointed because Kaka is leaving Milan. I Overheard him saying that Kaka will join Manchester and that it will happen after EURO 2008!! I also hear that Kaka said he want leave on the radio in Milan and that he very loves Manchester! Soory for my english!

---So now SAF has brought KAKA to OT... load of KAKA

Austin Lindsay (Manchester United fan) says...

A close OT source who's seldom wrong, reckons that Ronaldo is off to Camp Nou, with Messi going to United.

--- Wonder who's the source.. :confused: .. Maybe the guy outside OT selling Hotdogs, he's close enough ey!

carter Phil (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Kenny Dalglish spotted playing golf 4 miles from Ewood park friday afternoon had he been to rovers first? could he be helping shearer,its a well known fact from a local blackburn paper that the fans want shearer who polled more votes than all the other managers.

--Now this is one desperate Rovers Supporter ey! Kenny Dalglish plays golf near the stadium and now they destined for Glory!! hahahaha...

Stuart O'reilly (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

At the moment Spurs have 3 strikers Keane, Berbatov and Bent. Ramos will sell Berba for £25 to any european team or £35m to any Premiership team. Bent will be sold for anything from £10-12m, with West Ham and Pompey leading the way. With 2 likely to leave and the gap already from Defoe's sale, Ramos is on the lookout for three strikers and his targets are David Villa, Oscar Cardoza and Diego Milito. But he also has alternatives should he fail to sign any of those three. If Villa doesn't join, Zaragoza's Sergio Garcia is lined up for £9m, if Cardoza doesn't sign Ramos will move for a well known face at the Lane in Kanoute for £12m and if Milito says no, we can expect to see an offer go out to Lyon for Fred at about £9m.

--Tottenham have a new Manager??--- Stuart O'Reilly!!

Lee Milton (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Real Madrid are secretly hoping Cristiano Ronaldo will go on strike!!!

-- If its such a big secret, did this lad find out? :confused: Ronaldo on Strike

Damien Challenger (Liverpool fan) says...

Liverpool to sign Barry, Bentley, Lennon, Villa before the end of the Euros!

--Dream on Scouser , its just another Wet Dream...

Mark Tobin (Manchester City fan) says...

News coming in that Santa Cruz is set to sing a four year deal with City and in the opposite direction you will see Darius Vassell and Dabo set for blackburn plus Jo and ROnaldinho are set to make a big entrance next week. i work at CIty and have seen Jo and Ronnie walking round

--- And then he woke up to the smell of burnt toast...

Jack Matthews (Manchester United fan) says...

Have a friend who works at Carrington who confirmed that a certain Brazilian is set to be the new Number 7 this will not be announced untill a press conference is held on Friday regarding Ronaldo's future

---already we have a NEW No. 7!!??

Peter Wood (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal are going to shock the world of football by announcing the signing of Kaka.

----Football Manager 2008---Get it Now at selected retail stores. On special for 20p

Etc... Etc... Etc.....

Imagine if i added the Marca Newspaper headlines too!! OMG!

This seasons speculations have gone out of Control!

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Haha. Good thread and great comments regarding each piece.
Only because we are a bit worried about losing one of our prized assets do we condemn transfer speculation at the moment. Ronnie potentially leaving, causes us to hate the media.
But lets face it, ordinarily, we LOVE this speculation. It gives you something to laugh about. I have two good Spurs mates living with me (at university) and all they ever talk about is unveiling triple signings, all top names. Gives you something to laugh about over meals.

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RED_TIDE said:
Steve Robinson says...

Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs have both been spotted at the Stadium of Light this morning. Looking good for signing. James Beatie was apparently spotted yesterday and with Kenwyn Jones looking like he is going to newcastle, Beatie looks like a likely signing. Damian Duff is going to other way to Jones romour has it.

i have heard rumours of giggs..
and also some of duff coming to us
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