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Disable XP Load Screen:

By disabling the load screen you can boost the boot up time by a couple of seconds, if not more. To disable the load screen, open the “msconfig†utility: go to Start>Run, type in “msconfig†without quotes and press Enter. In the subsequent window, select the ‘boot.ini' tab. Check the /NOGUIBOOT option and press ‘Apply'. Restart Windows to see the effect.

Make Your Internet Explorer As Fast As FireFox:

Open registry editor by going to Start then Run and entering regedit. Once in registry, navigate to key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\InternetSettings. Right click @ windows right > New > DWORD. type MaxConnectionsPerServer > You can set value (the more higher the no, the more good speed u get, e;g : 99). Create another DWORD >type MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server. Then put a high value as mentioned above. Restart I.E and you are done.

Disable Disk Performance Counters:
Win XP comes with many inbuilt performance monitoring applications that constantly examine various parts of the system. This information can be of real use to a system administrator for collecting performance statistics. However, for a home user, these statistics hold no value and since the monitoring happens all the time, it consumes a good deal of system resources. “Disk monitoringâ€, for example, happens in the background, and turning it off is advisable if you will not be using the performance monitoring applications. To turn it off, type in “diskperf -N†at a command prompt. To bring up the command prompt: go to Start>Run, type in “cmd†and press [Enter].
Moving My Documents Folder:
The ‘My Documents' folder invariably ends up as the default repository of files for most Windows applications. Over a period of time, this folder starts bloating, and this, to a certain extend results in performance degradation. It might be a good idea to move the target ******** of the ‘My Documents' folder to some other partition on the hard drive, or to a different drive.
To do so, right click on ‘My Documents', and on the ‘Target' tab, click on ‘Move'. In the subsequent dialog box, browse to the drive where you want to move the folder. Then click ‘Make New Folder' to create a new folder, and name it appropriately. Click ‘Apply' and then ‘Yes'.

To Increase the Internet Speed:

Open Notepad and paste the below code in it.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters]
Now save this file as speed.reg. Execute it and observe the change!

Changing Your Dynamic IP Address:
1. Click on "Start" in the bottom left hand corner of screen
2. Click on "Run"
3. Type in "command" and hit okay
4. Type "ipconfig /release" just like that, and hit "enter"
5. Type "exit" and leave the prompt
6. Right-click on "Network Places" or "My Network Places" on your desktop.
7. Click on "properties"
8. Right click on "Local Area Connection" and click "properties"
9. Double-click on the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" from the list under the "General" tab
10. Click on "Use the following IP address" under the "General" tab
11. Create an IP address (It doesn't matter what it is. I just type 1 and 2 until it fill the area up).
12. Press "Tab" and it should automatically fill in the "Subnet Mask" section with default numbers.
13. Hit the "ok" button here
14. Hit the "ok" button again
15. Right-click back on "Local Area Connection" and go to properties again.
16. Go back to the "TCP/IP" settings
17. This time, select "Obtain an IP address automatically"
18. Hit "ok"
19. Hit "ok" again
20. You now have a new IP address

Renaming The Start Button:
To rename the start button, you will need a hex editor.
My preference is UltraEdit
Copy the \windows\explore.exe file to a new name (e.g. explorer_1.exe)
With the hex editor, open that file and go to offset 412b6
You will see the word start with blanks between each letter
Edit it be any 5 characters or less
Save the file
Boot to DOS
Copy the existing c:\windows\explorer.exe to
Copy explorer_1.exe to explorer.exe
You will also need to replace the explorer.exe in the c:\windows\system32\dllcache file as well with the new one.
Note: If the partition is NTFS and you can't access the files from DOS:
Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon.
Change the value of Shell from Explorer.exe to explorer_1.exe
Shutdown Icon Explained:
As in XP Tips Part 1WindowsXP has a program called SHUTDOWN.EXE which allows you to easily create icons to shutdown or restart your computer.
To create a shutdown shortcut on the desktop:
Right click on an open area of the desktop
Select New / Shortcut
Enter in "shutdown -s -t 00" - no quotes
Press the Next button
For the name, enter in anything you like. I just use shutdown. Click on the Finish button.
For a reboot, enter "shutdown -r -t 00"
Shutdown [{-l|-s|-r|-a}] [-f] [-m [\\ComputerName]] [-t xx] [-c "message"] [-d[p]:xx:yy]
-l - Logs off the current user, this is also the defualt. -m ComputerName takes precedence.
-s - Shuts down the local computer.
-r - Reboots after shutdown.
-a - Aborts shutdown. Ignores other parameters, except -l and ComputerName. You can only use -a during the time-out period.
-f - Forces running applications to close.
-m [\\ComputerName] - Specifies the computer that you want to shut down.
-t xx - Sets the timer for system shutdown in xx seconds. The default is 20 seconds.
-c "message" - Specifies a message to be displayed in the Message area of the System Shutdown ******** You can use a maximum of 127 characters. You must enclose the message in quotation marks.
Scheduling a Shutdown:
Goto scheduled tasks and start a new schedule, browse shutdown.exe from system32 folder, select time or day to run scheduled task enter administrator password and on next screen check the option for opening advance screen
and then append -s at the end of this line "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe"


uncle haggs has done nearly all of these at some stage and you would be surprised how you can speed things up . if you are a bit of an it numnut however touch nowt you are not happy with

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Only just noticed this thread and can't believe it got no replies :eek:

Nice work Hags, some good tips in there!

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Now that's some net stuff I didn't know that will give some of them ago and report back.
Very nice and detailed info regarding PC.

He wipes front to back
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i just tried it at work and no joy here either yet it did work on home p.c ho hum .

one other general tip is to download and use ccleaner its free and does top job also does a good job of clearing tracks of sites etc . note your work will still know where you have been if it really wants to check but anyone doing history search etc on actual pc comes up with nowt . it has a good registry checker too but that needs handling with care as drunken use ends in badly misbehaving pc

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How ironic ...

Haggle makes a thread about speeding up your internet connection and computer speed ...

And it took 6 weeks for his first answer ... :D

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carlyluvsunited said:
How ironic ...

Haggle makes a thread about speeding up your internet connection and computer speed ...

And it took 6 weeks for his first answer ... :D
I think from that we can deduce it doesn't work then. lol.

cCleaner is great like, hag says, probably the best free one going
and does a good job cleaning.

I've also got Privacy Eraser Pro ( does a much better job but costs you to get)
if anyone wants a copy just PM your email and will gladly send it to you.;)
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