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Hello from Howard
this a story of good and bad fortune and something that that will touch your soul

Like many people I idolised George Best. I am a red through and through

I wanted to be him and fortunately got the chance to play at a higher level than Sunday league [stockport County....well only just above sunday league]

In 1976 I turned up at Edgeley Park ,knocked on the door and asked for a trial.
They let me in, and I was signed then and there after a trial with the first team(scored 2 made 2)

Did fine and the coach told me someone from United was coming down to see me play.
At that time George Best was playing for County...all my dreams were coming true

:( Then I had a weight lifting accident...DISASTER !!!!!!!

left the club... dreams in tatters ,but 2 years experience and playing with Best AMAZING !

So what !!! you might ask.... well here I am now at the age of 49.
having had 2 spinal surgeries at 25 years old.
I am living in the U.S.A and have just been selected for the U.S.A. over 45 football team to play in the Maccabi Games (worlds 3rd largest sporting event) which is a bit like the Olympics.

Heres the situation.... we help underprivalaged kids from all over the world including Britain( 60 countries ) to go to the games
All the U.S. teams have to raise funds We have to raise $75000 just from our over 45 team to help send them there.

I AM LOOKING FOR SOME HELP .......please spread the word and go to the Maccabi games web site and check it out ......whoever wants to help please let me know.
By the way just met Glazer's father in law last week seems a nice guy

bye for now hope to here from all
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