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It has been confirmed by Fergie apparently ...

That there will be a 3-game mini tournament in South Africa ...

Between United, The Kaiser Chiefs (I predict a riot :p) and The Orlando Pirates ...

Played between 19th and 26th July 2008 ...

I don't know a lot about these teams ...

But is it worthwhile playing these teams ... ?

Or is it a good thing ... ?

Or .....

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Stephen said:
So you are saying, MUFC will go to the other side of the world
to play a meaningless pre-season tour, just for training purposes?

Complete bull.

United want to raise the status to every corner of the world, they know they will
get revenue from South Africans who will support United. Like I said, anything for
a few bob.

Why can't we ever do a short one to Aberdeen (we used to), Wrexham or if
you're desperate to go abroad France?
It just seems to me to be
another chance for people to moan ...

We've been going to Asia for 5 or 6 years now ...

And yet it becomes a problem only now ... :confused:

Last season they played Irish team once, Preston, Doncaster ...

If I was a player I would love the chance to go away and have some warm up
games in a lovely climate against some new opposition. If it generates big
money that's a bonus too whichwe should be happy about.

The likes of Anderson, Hargreaves, Tevez, Nani, Ronaldo, Rooney, Rio etc etc
don't just appear from thin air. Maybe in fantasy land they do.

If you want the best you have to pay for it - and a trip to play Aberdeen,
Inverness and a quick stopover at Nuneaton on the way home wont do that !!!

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dovorian said:
I think that SAF not even wanting to talk to them showed how annoyed he was at them.....i think its worse then the hairdryer treatment, not going into the dressing room after the game.
How do we know if he went in the dressing room ... ?

How do we know if he spoke to the players ... ?

How do we know what was said if he did speak to them ... ?

How do we know when he left for South Africa ... ?

This thread is entering Loony Land now and people are making things up in their heads ... :confused:
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