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'YOU'RE one of Germany's star players, you've just lost the final of Euro 2008 to Spain and you've got to face the cameras.

What is the last thing you need?

In Bastian Schweinsteiger's case, it was the entire Spanish team crashing through the door doing the conga while singing "Y Viva Espana"!

Led by captain Iker Casillas - who is dressed in a Germany shirt that he'd picked up after the game - Spain's celebrating players demonstrate tight teamwork and a strong positional sense as they snake behind the poor Bayern Munich midfielder.

Schweinsteiger is temporarily stumped for words but manages to keep his composure off the ball.

But just as they'd been in the game earlier, the triumphant Spanish team is unstoppable.'
...The Sun

Absolutley comedy! Watch the Video on the link!

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Theirs two sides to this.

A) Spain just won the Euros so are allowed to celebrate, and who knows if they even knew a Germany player/member of the coaching staff was there?

B) It is quite disrespectful, and is really a poor show, but by the sound of things they did know a Germany player/member of the coaching staff was there.

In all honesty, it is disrespectful (but pretty funny as well :p)
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