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Recreativo Linense were beating Saladillo Algesiras 1-0 in the regional first division of the southern province of Cadiz before referee Jose Manuel Barro Escandon stopped the match.

Escandon had already issued one red card before a fight broke out between two players which escalated into a brawl involving several players from both teams and spectators who invaded the pitch.

The referee stopped the match before fleeing to the safety of the changing rooms.

In his post-match report, he stated that he had sent off 19 players.

Linense coach Sebastian Naranjo said the red cards were unjustifed: "After the altercation between Francis and Aguilar, there were no clashes.

"The players who intervened, and even the spectators, were just trying to see that things didn't get worse. I don't know what got into the guy [the referee]."

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I just played in a game like that. We had 3 people sent off, and they had pretty much the entire bench sent off. So we had to play 8v5 instead of 8v8 cause none of their red carded players were on the pitch when it happened.
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