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Sporting Lisbon

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Hi there everbody, I'm new to the sight and look forward to getting involved in discussions from timer to time.

Can anyone (I'm sure I will be innundated with replies) help me with the date of the Sporting Lisbon Manchester United game which we unfortunately lost 3-1.
Filipe and Pinto were scorers with Hugo scoring an own goal. I want this to edit to a DVd.

I am an avid recorder of Manchester Uniteds games that I get off of the television.

Many thanks for letting me into this Forum, I look forward to any replies to my question


Devil in Red
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Its was 6 August 2003. It was the official opening of the new Estádio José Alvalade XXI that was build for Euro 2004.

Anytime, Welcome to the forum
It was the 6th August, it says it was the 6th on
You may well be right but do not believe everthing you read on wikipedia, every entry in there is placed by members of the public and should not be taken as gospel. I keep records of Uniteds games and I have it down as 7th.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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