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White Hart Lane is one of the few proper football stadiums left, but no, the **** which Levy is, is making them (Spurs have great support too, one of the best in the country, and they will get ****ed up cos of this) have replica bowel stadiums like shit, souless places like the Riverside, Reebok, Wembley and Emirates.

The place can barely handle 40K there on a matchday, nevermind 60K.

Absolutly disgrace. What the **** has football become.

This leaves Villa Park and Goodison Park as the only great footballing grounds in the league. And Everton are getting a new ground soon too :rolleyes: :(
agreed. will put their performances down aswell because will lack atmosphere. this is why wales have had problems since they started playing internationals at the millenium stadium. loses atmosphere and turns a home ground into a neutral one because it lacks intimidation.

as the looks go i see it in the paper and first thought was emirates part 2. glad old trafford has never gone for that style of bowls
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