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When you hear the Manchester United bench being called out you usually hear:

24 Darren Fletcher
23 Johnny Evans
13 Ji-Sung Park
17 Nani
28 Darron Gibson
11 Ryan Giggs ( nowadays)
18 Paul Scholes (nowadays)

Now i have heard many United Fans (especially the foreign Fans) say ' we should buy Messi' or 'Buy Benzema'

But tbh i would rather have a bench full of hard working, passionate, tough, hearts on their sleeves players. Than Messi, Benzema or any other top European star we get linked with.

These players are not payed or played as much as the Ronaldo's and Rooney's
But are as valuable to the club as a £30 million striker.

Darren Fletcher for example. I believe that if he had played on Saturday, we may have come away with a result. He wouldnt have let Gerrard turn and run at the defence. He knows that if , when given his chance, he plays awful then he wont be on the pitch for another few weeks.

Johnny Evans, He is keeping Rio and Vidic on their toes. Cos they know that if the Gaffer thinks they are tired or under acheiving then he is more than confident that Johnny Evans can come on and do a job

When it comes to December and ' squeaky bum time', when injuries and suspensions start building up. we need these ' squad player' to come in a do a job for us

If we lift 5 trophies at the end of the season. Lets remember the fantastic goals by Rooney, Ronaldo and Berbatov and the great run by Van Der Sar.

But Lets also take a moment to remember the players who work and work and work just to be put given a chance to play for Manchester United. Because its those players that win you Titles


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I'd hate to see a bunch of world class guys on the bench. Its impossible to keep a bunch of them happy, unless they played all the time, and since only 10 outfielders can be out there at once, there you have it. Give me a bunch of O'Sheas, Fletchers, and Parks, thank you very much.

However, its necessary to have at least 1 or 2 game changers on the bench.

Oh, and for the record, this is one foreigner who doesn't want Benzema or Messi.

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anyone on forum who would rather see a world class bench than the present one?
For me they are world class, its not the label people put on them which matters for me. Such players like Ronaldo and Messi are labeled as world class by many people, for some football revolves around such players. For me, the likes of Fletcher and Ji Sung Park are still world class, are able to perform top class performances and no matter what some on here might say .. The league won't be won without these type of players, so yes, thumbs up for them, we have got depth in our squad, thanks to them obviously whom despite their class, they are willing to start matches on the bench yet they are working hard not only to keep pushing a place in the first 11 as a benefit for themselves, but for the team to gets even better with more depth in squad.

Football ain't won with a bunch of Messi and Ronaldo's. We need different qualities, that's why we won so much these last years, cause from big to small - They're all willing to improve and they commit themselves to the team.

Those are the ones who meet my expectancies of world class players.

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anyone on forum who would rather see a world class bench than the present one?
That's nigh impossible.
The type of players you'd put in the bench are 1st squad players. I doubt very much they'd come to a club to be benched. Messis, Kakás, etc. want to play!! They wouldn't be happy in the bench.

Like you said, in the bench you need solutions, when someone is injured or on bad day. Too many stars in a club is hurtful to them, to the coach and to the team.
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