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just got up after geting back from the game last night- 4 ****** hours and my heads killing me.....

anyway was thinking about how we have had to go about this season and the rotation of players which we seem to be the masters of. in the past ranieri was known as the tinkerman and did it, rafa attempts to do it with dire results, yet we aren't known as an outfit thats chops and changes-yet this season we have had to through necessity and the amount of matches we are in.
without been arrogant are we now the masters of this?? others are famed for it and rotate players here and there with no success, yet we go about it with consumate ease. whenever a player comes into whatever position it feels natural and doesnt disrupt the flow at all and its like service as usual - have we once again beaten the others at their own game?

as this must be the best squad ever that allows us to do this
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