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Star on the shirt??

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Will we like other leagues around the world wear a star on our shirt to signify this superb feat? Juve for example have two stars having won over 20 Serie A titles..

I think we should, somethin we could sing songs about to p off Liverpool and Rent boy fans!

To clarify I am HIGHLY AWARE that we have won the top flight title 17 times.. I am merely referring to our recent milestone of 10 'Premiership Titles'. I of course am not disregarding titles won in the old first division.. this was merely a suggestion that this feat be marked in some way... the champions always wear gold premiership badges on their sleeves.. I'm suggesting something similar to mark this modern day achievement... I also dont appreciate my intelligence and following of my team being brought into question..
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We've won it 17 times mate ;)
soon to be a record equalling 18 as well :)
Stephen said:
By the way, we're having 3 stars above the Euro shirt badge.
About time as well. Having 3 is A LOT more respectable :)

Welcome back from your holiday btw ;)
Best we leave it here lads......before you respond Eoin.....

You got it wrong with this happens from time to time
and we have heard your explanations....
Its 17 NOT 10.....

No harm done anyway.. move on lads.
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