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If you look at the statistics, United have played much better against the top teams than any of the rivals. Against the big four:

United - 3W, 1D, 0L
Chelski - 1W, 2D, 2L
Arse - 1W, 2D, 1L

If you then expand that to the next tier (Everton, Portsmouth, Blackburn, Villa), it looks even better (yeah I know I didn't include Cideh):

United - 5W 1D, 0L
Chelski - 2W, 4D, 1L
Arse - 4W, 3D, 0L

We have some tough games coming up, but these stats demonstrate what we already know. We play better against the tough teams! As well, does anyone really believe we won't get a result at home to arse, and at least a draw at chelski.

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