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I was watching France friendly tonight and a new face for me made a lasting impression.

The Congo born goal keeper Steve Mandanda. He did some awesome saves eventhough he had to pick the ball out of the net twice. One a brilliant finish in the box by Henrik Larsson and a penalty kick by Kim Källström.

Mandanda saved shots he didnt knew was coming even and eventhough I usually dont like eccentric goalies because they too often silly mistakes. I prefer guys who save everything they are supposed to save and let the 'impossible' shots. Then you know what you get, it usually makes the whole back 4 more calm.

I dont say we should buy this Olympic Marseille player but he's someone to keep in mind if we have to look for another goalie.

Anyone out there knowing anything about him? I know he did a few good seasons in Le Havre before he signed for OM last year. And been on trial for Villa before signing for his current club.

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Haven't seen him tbh.

But if France weren't able to call up African born players, I think they wouldn't be as good as the have been.

The players have not been in the majority, certainly, but they do make the most of being able to call up the African born players.
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