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Ray Wilkins has hit out at England's "whingeing" supporters and called on them
to evoke the spirit on Hampden on Wednesday.

Former England midfielder Wilkins was blown away by the 'Hampden Roar' when
Scotland hosted Italy on Saturday night and insists it was in stark contrast to
recent England matches when fans have repeatedly jeered their own players.

England need a draw against Croatia on Wednesday night to secure qualification
to Euro 2008 and Wilkins wants the Wembley crowd to get behind the team from
the first whistle.

Speaking on Goals On Sunday, he said: "Croatia are going to come to what is
probably the best football stadium on the planet in Wembley and they will want
to put on a show.

"But I'm sure our lads will be in the same frame of mind and will want to give
them an absolute battering.

"Wembley can work against England because opposition players want to perform
on that stage, but what we need is the Hampden roar on Wednesday. Will we
get it?

"Lots of people keep questioning our young men about their passion and about
their feeling for their country. Well, once an Englishman pulls on that England
shirt, nobody has any more passion, I can assure you.

"But I do question the volume at Wembley. When Scotland and Italy walked out
yesterday you couldn't hear yourself think. That atmosphere was just incredible,
but we don't have that at Wembley and we need to start producing that to get
behind the players.

"What we get is Frank Lampard getting booed when his name is mentioned. That
has got to stop.

"When David Bentley came on as a substitute on Friday night, he was booed.
Now I was the first to say David was wrong for not going with the Under-21s to
the European Championships last summer, but it's

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Wilkins makes a good point. The feel good factor will come back to English football if you get the win or draw. I still cant comprehend people booing their own players but Croatia wont be an easy game. If the crowd gets behind the team properly then they will qualify no problem at all, and then you can all look forward to a great summer next year.

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England supporters have such high expectations, much higher than Scotland....
They should have qualified by now but they haven't...
So Wilkins is right, England supporters have to get behind the team on Wednesday and if, when they win they will reap the rewards by getting to watch them in a few months time...
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