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Much has been made of the perceived character flaws of good strikers like Dimitar Berbatov or Nicklas Anelka and that these flaws would have a negative impact on the team.

How people can know whether a player will fit into a squad or not, without knowing the player in question personally or the team is a bit beyond me. In addition, I’m quite puzzled how people seem to know FOR CERTAIN that these strikers would not be happy at Man Utd.

In any case, I started to think about the strikers I would love to have based on skill alone and regardless of whether or not their signing were possible .
This list includes striker who have and have not had bad press:

In no particular order:

Didier Drogba
He dives, he gesticulates, he looks like the most arrogant SOB you’ll ever meet.
Who cares?!
His finishing is second to none, he is strong as an ox and can come up with that special goal when you need it! I think this guy would be any manager’s dream!

Dimitar Berbatov
He frowns, he sulks, he looks like a wet puppy when he doesn’t start.
Who cares?!
His first touch and movement with the ball is like poetry in motion, plus he is creative and can score, as well as create the most beautiful goals. His approach to football is like that of an artist and makes Rooney look like a farmer. ;)

Samuel Eto’o
He has had bust-ups with his team mates and his coach. He has criticized his team and club publicly and has shown hints of disloyalty by stating Barca can no longer match his ambitions.
Who cares?!
For two years, you would have been hard-pressed to name a better striker on the planet and I think a move away from the Nou Camp would revive this indomitable lion.

He might have missed some important chances for Cameroon, but has been almost flawless for Barcelona. Almost. He had a very good chance against Man Utd in the first leg of the CL semi-final, but he is not the only Barca player who has been under-performing this season.

Still top class and I’d welcome him with open arms any day!

Karim Benzema
I don’t think I can add to the superlatives and adjectives that have been bestowed upon this exciting player by the members of this forum, so I won’t try.
Someone please find that boy that held the “Please buy Wayne Rooney” sign and get him to the same for Benzema. And do it quickly!

Fernando Torres
WHAT A PLAYER! His positional play is outstanding and he instinctively knows where the goal is and as he showed against Arsenal and Inter, doesn’t even need to look at goal when putting the ball in the top corner. YUMMY!

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
Like Torres at Atletico, I have seen this guy play in full matches for his team and he is definitely very talented. Much has been written by some posters about his perceived flaws and the quality of the league he plays in, but I think this guy would be a great – no, make that marvelous or even bloody glorious, addition to the squad!

David Trezeguet
He refuses to play in friendlies for his country, cos he is actually sensible. This insulted the national coach's sensibilities. He then threatened to quit the national team after being excluded.

He caused controversy by making gestures to his club's president while on the field.

Who cares?!

From distance, from close range, through the keeper’s legs, over the keeper, under the keeper, curling, straight like an arrow, on the volley – all the different ways this player can put the ball in the back of the net.

He broke my heart when he played for Monaco and his match-winning strike against Man Utd still holds the record for the fastest ball-speed of any goal in Champions League history.

157 km/h of pure pain and he would be an amazing weapon to have.

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spellbound said:
Luca Toni should be on every wishlist. He's 30 but this guy knows how to score goals.
Luca Toni is a great striker and would be a quality addition for any squad, BUT I have a profound disdain for Italian players.

That's why I choose to consider Giuseppe Rossi to be American :)

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nigelchin said:
why not adebayor? he can score, he's better at heading than most player, he can jump really high, he's tall. most importantly, he can fit into beautiful football style unlike drogba and he's young.
Here's my totally unscientific answer: I just can't see him as a Manchester united player.

You know how you take to some players immediately, while some have to win you over? It was like that for me with Saha, while i took to Evra and Vidic very quickly.

While I never expressed any dislike for Saha, I just never took to him until last season. It's really too bad about his injuries, because he is a very talented player.

I guess Carrick had to win me over too.

Adebayor has improved immensely since last season. No doubt about that, but I just don't like him enough to see him in the red of Manchester United.
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