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Suggestions for Goalscorer's League 08/09

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Any new ideas ? Please post here !

Do you want anything changed or any thing added ?

Like extra matches to be covered and the like.

I may not be handling the game at the moment but I still have copyrights ! Nah, only joking. Lucky and cjl will take your suggestions.

Come on , lets see the new ideas ?
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il try a new logo and pass it on to lucky to see what he thinks.

i will be dicussin other ideas with lucky over msn
nigel, i will talk to lucky about how many games are included

abo, your idea is a bit too complcated... could get people confused and complaining that their points are wrong...will still talk with lucky about his opinions(just stating my own)
yeah, after a discussion with lucky, we will probably be going with 5 games(to many would mean more goalscorers needed)
possibly a bonus point for all goalscorers scoring at least once

also, sometime before the begining of the season, i will make a banner for the top of the posts to make it look more profeesional and organised(wow it seems like im in IT again)
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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