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It's funny to think that Spurs got two goals just because of the sun. Maybe it's that time of the year up there. I think whoever becomes the cap'n should consider which side of the pitch to start, in the event we won the coin toss.

Thank God it was Spurs. I don't think we'll get that lucky if it was Arsenal :frown:

Or maybe Fergie can consider a 'sun strategy'. Ok, against weak teams play facing the sun in the first half. We'll clobber 'em just like Spurs in the 2nd if they get any goals.

Against strong teams : let them face the sun in the first half. Get two or more quick goals. In the 2nd half, score on the counter-attack. :D

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Read again you tit.....

Its no coincidence that 2 of the worst defensive displays at OT this season have happened at that end of the pitch with the beaming sun,2 solid defenders made to look like mugs,even Edwins eyes where so squinted they were pretty much shut.Spurs cleverly chose that end,NOT because they didnt want us going to Stretty end in 2nd half,becuase of the glaring sun which causes problems.....Anyway like I said IT MADE AN IMPACT BUT ITS NOT THE MAIN PROBLEM.
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