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We all know about the lifestyles and the abundance of money to fuel their lust for life with all of the trappings they are constantly buying from the houses, boats and of course their cars. The main status symbol they most want to be seen in is the motor.

This seems to be the one thing that stands out from the crowd in getting them their biggest macho status symbols so in this article, we will look at the top five “top of the range” vehicles that the players had chosen to sport out and about so to speak and we are going to take a quick peek at Manchester United chosen, big boy’s toys to begin with.

The most popular luxury cars are of course the high-end sports saloons which are some of the best money can buy.

Paul Pogba: The Rolls Royce Wraith


With an incredible collection of cars, Paul Pogba has the best selection in my mind and owns several luxury cars in his collection of expensive cars. The Manchester United midfielder earns approximately £250,000 per week and has now bought himself a Rolls Royce Wraith which only set him back about a little more than his weekly wage. With France being one of the favorites for being the Euro 2020 winner Pogba could end up with even more cash to spend on his fleet,

Marcus Rashford: Range Rover Velar


Range Rover is one of the main buy’s for the top boy with a big favourite among the United footballers. Manchester United Marcus Rashford also drives a top-end £70,000 Range Rover Velar. This 21 year old has not only been one of the most promising young forwards to have donned the United shirt in 20219. He is also expected to lead the attacking line for many more years to come so long as his fitness level keeps him at the forward edge of the team.

Jesse Lingard: Range Rover Sport


The Manchester United winger is known for his lavish lifestyle and loves to flaunt his luxurious cars. He often drives his Range Rover Sport into the Carrington training ground and also has a host of other cars.

Marcos Rojo: Cadillac


Marcos Rojo is often seen roaming around in his huge Cadillac wagon. The Argentine international has struggled due to his persistent injury problems but his love for cars has remained indifferent.

Nemanja Matic: Rolls Royce


This Rolls Royce is worth £230,000 or more. The ridiculously tall Serb recently turned up to training in this modest £20,000 motor as team-mate Romelu Lukaku drove his luxury Rolls Royce worth a Wapping £230,000. Nemanja Matic squeezed himself into a red Mini en route to training as team-mate Romelu Lukaku had heads turning in his customised Rolls Royce.

There was a recent surprise with Nemanja (standing at) 6ft 4in tall, no messing about Serbian, who pockets over six figures a week, squished himself into his tiny £20,000 Mini Cooper lately.
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