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This is a thread to make people understand the real meaning of supporting Manchester United and being a fan.

Manchester United is a traditional and historical football club.The motto of this club has been Honour, Loyalty, Responsibility and Courage. This has been followed by Sir Matt Busby when he took over as the manager in 1945. One of the greatest manager in British Football history, Bill Shankly, told that Sir Matt Busby is the greatest manager ever in the history of Football. Shankly said that he doesn't think Sir Matt as the greatest manager, but actually Sir Matt IS the greatest manager of all time.We have Sir Alex who followed some years later to take United to greater heights. Sir Alex and Sir Matt or for that matter none of the managers in the history of this club has ever compromised on the principles of the club.

And now I find people here questioning Sir Alex's wisdom in selecting his team. People questioning the ability of the players, players like Wayne Rooney and questioning his form and creating threads like that. You know what you call these supporters, just glory hunters and player followers. They support the Club because they like some player and that player plays for Manchester United. We don't need such supporters here.

Manchester United is a very special club with special people around. The Glory Hunters fail to understand that it is the club that makes these players special and not the other way round. I think truly supporting your team is far from just saying that I'm supporting the double cup winners. How many of the people were supporting United and singing their hearts out for the team when United were eliminated from the Champions League group stages finishing bottom of the table and how many were constantly criticizing Ferguson for that. How many truly believed that Ferguson will bounce back and how many said Ferguson should be sacked? I don't think many would have agreed upon the former.

Even though it has been just about six years since I have started following United, I have never doubted a United player nor Alex Ferguson. In times when United weren't playing well, I have supported them. I think even if United get relegated someday, even if United lose all their 'star' players, even if people at some point of time laugh at me for being a Manchester United supporter, I'll die for United. And that is what it means to be a Manchester United supporter
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