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Talk about a Summer Bonus

485 Views 7 Replies 8 Participants Last post by  Dynamite have just revealed that if United clinch the double, Premiership & Champions League, each of the lads in the squad are in line to receive a little end of year bonus. You know to say thanks for the memories they'll each find an extra €320,000 in their weekly pay-packet or for those of you who prefer nice round quotable numbers that's £250,000. A nice even quarter million. I don't know exactly who this bonus applies to in regards to the squad, however I like to think this applies to the entire first team squad including those who aren't officially listed in the Champions League squad. Hey! If it applies to the entire first team that mean Dong will earn the easiest quarter million in history! Now that is funny!:D

Apparently the Glazer's had this bonus structure worked out last summer in anticipation of where United would be next season. They must be psychic. Or possibly they just had a great deal of faith in Ferguson and very good forethought. Either way it's another incentive for the lads to beat Chelsea. I mean it worked for Fulham, Al Fayed promised each of the squad a basket full of caviar and viagra if they avoided the drop and with a game to go they managed to drag themselves out of the bottom three into 17th place. The promise of Viagra and Caviar apparently does wonders.

Still knowing Abramovich he's probably promised each of his squad a small European Republic if they win. I tell you I just can't get my head around the money in the modern game.:rolleyes:
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United get £250k each for Double

MANCHESTER UNITED'S players will EACH earn a £250,000 bonus if they do the Double.

The jackpot for winning the Premier League and Champions League was agreed with the club's owners, the Glazers, last summer.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Co could all but seal the title today if Chelsea lose at Newcastle.
And then they face the Blues in the Champions League final in Moscow on May 21.

Even if Chelsea win at St James' Park, Alex Ferguson's side will be crowned champions again if they triumph at Wigan on Sunday.

Fergie said: “We have had a good season and played some outstanding football, which has been as entertaining as anyone else's in the country.

“We have a young squad that is going to be even better next season.

“Our new players have done well and the future is very positive.â€

But Chelsea keeper Petr Cech believes his club are stronger now than when they were crowned Premier League champions two years ago.

The Czech international said: “I would say the team is at least on the same level and maybe a little bit better than two seasons ago.

“This is because this year has been tough, as we started from behind and had to chase United.

“That is difficult to do, so the quality we have shown is at least the same.

“Last week was a great week, because we beat United and reached the Champions League final.

“We will do our best to keep our dream of winning the Premier League alive at Newcastle. If we win, then the last game will be interesting.

“There is always a lot of pressure at Chelsea but we are used to this and have to make sure we keep winning. We can handle the pressure.â€

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