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Reds midfielder gives us the inside track on his colleagues
From RedView.

Some of you may find this interesting.

Worst trainer: I don't want to have a go at anyone. There have been plenty of
rumours, but I'm not sure I want to get involved! The lads will always have a dig
at someone if they're not doing it in training, but nobody stands out as being
consistently bad. I don't want to start on anyone, the culprits know who they are.

Most intelligent: I think Giggsy and Edwin are up there. Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire was a popular game for a while. Giggsy was getting quite good at that.
Edwin, with all his experience, has a level head and he's quite intelligent.

Funniest player: Well, our dressing room has different types of humour.
Take Anderson, he doesn't speak the language very well, but he's absolutely
hilarious. Half the time I don't have a clue what he's saying, but he makes you
laugh. Gaz (Gary Neville) is funny. He always has something to say. Giggsy and
Scholesy are really deadpan. Rio is a character, as are Wazza and Patrice.

Best dressed: Ronny's stepped it up a bit lately. He's probably the smartest.
But admittedly, he does take the most time getting ready. Edwin is looking sharp
at the moment, he's got some good gear on. Edwin, Ronny, and Rio when he
wants to, are all pretty sharp dressers

Worst dressed: There are certainly a few candidates for worst dressed. Lately,
Anderson has taken to wearing a pair of blue slippers, which are just outrageous.
But he's happy with them. He's got his own style and I think it's brilliant when
people do their own thing. Tom Kuszczak has got some funny tops, he likes his
pinks and yellows. He had this electric blue shirt that he wore out once – that
was an absolute classic. He likes it though, and he's comfortable in his pink and
yellow tops. Style is very individual, so some people come in thinking they look
absolutely brilliant, but they get slated. People who don't really try tend to get left alone.

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