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Team Of The Year 2007 ?

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I thought long and hard who, for me, is the team of the year.

AC Milan, Manchester United and Madrid all added more cups to their already
impressive collections.

Milan took revenge on Liverpool for the 2005 defeat in the Champions League
Final in Istanbul (Thank God too, lol, I would have found this very hard to cope
with if they make it 6 wins uh oh).

Manchester United finally win the Prem League after a 3 year wait Wooooo

Madrid collected title number 30 too......but the first since 2003.

So who was the best ?

Well there are no great surprises here for me.

Milan, United and Madrid are top teams for Europe right now so for them to win a
trophy is no big deal - though for us United's win was pretty special - but not

The team of the year for me is the Iraq national team !!!

I know, I know but wait.

They beat Saudi Arabia 1-0 in The Asia Cup......

But this victory transcended sport !!!

Few people gave them a hope of making it past the group stages.

They had a patched up team made up of Shia, Sunni and Kurdish players - who
should never have been together due to the sectarian violence in their country -
but they were thrown together and make the most of this.

Many of these guys had family or friends killed before this tournament.

Goalkeeper Noor Sari's brother-in-law was killed just before they begin this
tournament. Midfielder Nashat Akram relatives were kidnapped and killed and
Hawar Mulla Mohammeds stepmother died 2 days before the quarter finals
against Vietnam !!!

If this tragedy strikes an England player he would be home next day unable to

But these men fought on, and on and on !!

Iraq got to the final as people laughed at them - made ridicule of their chance to
win this game. Saudi were in their 6th final in 23 years and trying to win title for
4th time !!

I watched with Iraqi friends this game - and how I cheered for Iraq !!

They won 1-0.......

This is one of sports great fairytales - in the UK nobody knew of this or even
cared probably.......

But for me these guys showed true spirit and bravery - and performed so far
beyond expectation it is remarkable !!

Even Pope Benedict watched them and said after wards he hoped this may bring
peace to Iraq......

Well done Iraq - my team of the year :)

What is your team of the year ?
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After reading that article its got to be Iraq for all the reasons mentioned above.

It was a remarkable achievement.
Iraq provided memorable moment of 2007

LONDON: AC Milan, Manchester United and Real Madrid added more cups to their glittering trophy rooms but the war-torn country of Iraq provided the most unexpected and memorable moment for soccer in 2007. Milan avenged their defeat to Liverpool in the Champions League final in Istanbul two years earlier with a 2-1 win over the same opponents in Athens, while Manchester United were crowned English champions for the first time since 2004 and Madrid won their 30th Spanish title but their first since 2003.

However, Iraq's 1-0 triumph over Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup final in Jakarta on July 29 was a victory that transcended sport. Iraq's unexpected win was a triumph for human spirit as much as for the athleticism and skill of their players. Few people gave them any hope of making it past the group stages. Their squad was a patchwork of Shi'ite, Sunni and Kurdish players, fractured by the sectarian violence in their homeland which touched almost all their players, most of whom had had friends and relatives
killed in the conflict.

Source: Kuwait Times.
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