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Let me start with the questions Im interested in to find out how you do it.
* How do you estimate the players value/an ok transfer fee?

* Should Tevez and other members of our team be compared with what he did last season? Or, do we have untouchables players?

* How much should a 3rd choice striker cost? What is your upper limit?

I read so many times about how Tevez isnt worth the 30M+. How he get mocked for missing that chance last night when a poor first touch made it hard to score. I even read that Tevez is sulking.

Ok, fair to you if you dont like him. Or think he's good enough to play for United.
Im just so curious about how you estimate a players value? Is it stat only? Or what other teams pay for players in same position? Your personal opinion on the very same player or you follow the tabloids write about?
To me transfer fee's means nothing. I dont sit infront of the computer acting like Im Fergie. Transfer fee's just shows how desperate you want the player and how desperate the other club is to keep the same player.
Take a look at Berbatov transfer. Didnt the price tag start around 28M or thereabouts? We ended up paying 30,5M and letting Spuds loan a player Hull were ready to pay 7M for. If you look at the financial status only it would be better to sell and cash in the 7M to finance the buying and we could have ended up sending just 21M of our Americans money and the 7 Hull paid for the player. No, we were desperate to sign him and he was Fergie's only target. Of course the price could have been different if not our brothers didnt get rich in the last moment and were bidding on everything wearing football boots.

Ok back to Tevez and the 32M.
At his current form he's definitly our 3rd choice. And I have no problems comparing his present season performance to his last season but I dont think he's the only one who should have the same comparison. Since this is a thread about the money only we wont analyze each and every player and whether they are worth the money. How must a player worth 32M be? What is the required skills? Is it goals only rating you estimate the value or is it just your gut feeling?
As I see it there's more names on the list of players who's not doing what they did last season. I know Tevez is the only one we got the 'option' to spend 32M on or not. Isnt it time to start asking more of each and every player to perform at least par what he did last year since they are getting well paid for what they do. Or is some players untouchable since they are fans pets?

And to round this off. Ive been reading how Tevez isnt worth 32 and we shouldnt have a 32 million man warming the bench. I have also seen suggestions of buying Benzema, Villa and a few other strikers but the first two have been most frequent the last weeks.
How much do you United have to pay for them? Valencia seems to be in financial trouble with their new stadium building but still have turned down offers on 40M from Chelsea and bids from Ciddeh I cant recall the figure that was mentioned.
Benzema, he's probably too good for Ligue 1 and will move to bigger playgrounds. Reports say Lyon wants 40* or more for him. As I said earlier, transfer fee's depends on how much you want the player and how much the seller wants to keep the very same player. The economics call it ' Demand and Supply'.
To the point, if Tevez is too expensive to be the 3rd choice to sit and we go for Benzema or Villa for example. Fergie havent been keen on playing the three of them much since it didnt really work out. A new striker could be the soloution….or we could end up in the same situation as we are in now.
So would it be better to have Rooney bought for around 30 millions** 4,5 years ago. Is it Dimitar Berbatov who will sit, bought six months ago for 30,5M or is it the new boy in town bought for ….God knows …but if we go for Villa or Benzema 30 will probably not be enough with the rich little brother keen on splashing the cash like at the Berbatov signing and the players get greedy. So far no big names have fallen for the millions though.:)
So as I see it we will end up with a 30 million man on the bench if Fergie cant play all three strikers in each and every game they are all fit to play wether its Tevez or another 30 million guy.

* The Lyon chairman Aulas have comment the Benzema transfer jokingly like. (not an acual quote) Give me 75M euro and Cristiano Ronaldo and then I think we can reach an agreement. So the French side knows how to price their players. Essien, Mama Diarra and some others was sold for big money btw .

** Im not sure of the exact transfer fee for Rooney but deep down there in the back of my mind I think it was 27M to start with and some performance bonus who would make the transfer worth £31M.
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