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RedForceRising said:
1. A defender takes a free kick in his own penalty are and instead of booting it up field, plays it back to his goalkeeper, who happens to be tying his shoe laces outside the goal. The ball rolls into goal.

a) A corner is awarded, because own goals cannot be scored from free kicks.
b) The own goal stands and is awarded the opponents.
c) The ref asks for the free kick to be repeated.
If it's an indirect free kick, a corner kick is awarded, since the ball isn't considered in play until another player touches it. If it's a direct free kick, i think the own goal stands, but am not sure. Since there's no mention of beeing indirect or direct, i'll go with A

RedForceRising said:
2. What happens when a defender lifts the ball into the air and then heads it back to his own goalkeeper, who picks it up with his hands?

a) Nothing. The back pass rule simply states that a ball cannot be played back via the foot.
b) An indirect free kick is awarded from the spot where the keeper picked up the ball, because it was an unsporting way to avoid the back pass rule.
c) The goalkeeper receives a mandatory yellow card.

RedForceRising said:
3. In a dual within the penalty area, the defending player loses his shoe. Play continues and the player without the shoe kicks the ball out of touch, because the opposing striker could otherwise score an easy goal.

a) An indirect free kick is awarded to the attacking team, because playing without shoes is forbidden.
b) A corner is awarded to the attacking team. Playing without shoe for a limited time is permitted.
c) The ref stops the game and a 50/50 ball is played from the spot where the dual occurred.

RedForceRising said:

4. What happens when a defender punches a striker, who is standing in the defender's goal; behind the goal line?

a) The defender receives a red card and the ref plays a 50/50 ball from the 6 yard area, because the incident happened outside the pitch.
b) The defender receives a red card and a penalty is awarded to the attacking team.
c) The defender receives a red card and an indirect free kick is awarded to the attacking team.
humm.... I'd go with B

RedForceRising said:
5. A player takes off his jersey while celebrating and then climbs on to the fence to celebrate with the fans.

a) The player receives a yellow card. If there are a series of offences, punishable by a yellow card, only the first offence is punished.
b) There's a yellow card for the climbing of the fence, which is considered a serious offence since 2007 and which would negate the need to punish the player for taking off the shirt.
c) There is a yellow card for each offence and the player is ejected from the game because of the resulting red card.
I think this is the most stupid rule ever created in modern football, and I hope that he only gets one yellow card, either from A or B. I'll go with B
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