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Tevez hails 'El Colorado'

Manchester United's Carlos Tevez has given his big thumbs-up to team 'veterans' Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs rather than the two R's Ronaldo and Rooney.

"Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are just amazing," he tells FourFourTwo magazine.

They are the two players that just blew me away. Most people are dazzled by Ronaldo and Rooney and that's understandable, but on a day to day level I have to say that El Colorado (the Spanish word for 'ginger') and Giggsy are just incredible.

"When it comes to big matches, they play just like they do in training sessions or like kids playing the streets."

Tevez says his best friends at Old Trafford are Patrice Evra and Ji-Sung Park but he has a 'good relationship with everybody at the club

El Colorado-hahahahahahaha
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