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Tevez secret talks

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I don't know how true this is but looks a possibility considering the problem he has with corinthians, for 15m looks a steal would be explosive with rooney upfront. Source the express on sunday.
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Hmm.. i have doubt about signing him though.. he plays a role which is too similar to Rooney.. would prefer Torres instead, or Toni maybe... ;)
Looking at his videos his well capable of playing the main man upfront his got pace trickery and a great finisher perfect for our new style of football.
true tevez does play similar 2 rooney we need some1 who can play 2 wat van nistelrooy cud do but also that can do more aswell
Tevez can play like rooney but he can score as well i would much prefer him to toni ,torres it not coming anyway so we can forget him
i think he'd be a great signing sure he can score goals and if roony gets a bad injury again we'd have a good replacement and we wouldnt have to change the tactics as much.
Seeing how good Carlos Tevez was for Argentina not particularly at the world cup but in general he would be a fantastic signing

However i do not believe he could score half as many goals a season as RVN did i don't think he would be half as effective as a striker like Fernando Torres

So in my opinion yes he would be good but not as good as we could get
I'd like Tevez to come, but i doubt anything that's in the paper.
15m for Tevez sounds reasonable, considering the cash we got for RvN. Looking at our recent poor luck with injuries, it is imperative we sign a proven striker this season.
I think Tevez would be a great buy. But we've spent the RVN cash on Carrick.. it looks more and more unlikely that we'll get another striker.
there is nothing solid yet linking him with us. Skysports did have a piece which mentioned the speculation but there has to my knowledge been no firm bid or talks between the clubs.
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