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since his gripe about being a sub fergie has played him more . it seems to me that he is desperate to stay and thinks that he must play to ensure that .

He also knows that he will be owned by a club next season not jorabchin so its vital to get a good contract .

The more time has passed the me i think he is worth 25 mill because as others have said he is proven to fit in at utd .

We could spend 40 million on a benzema for instance who may not pull it off in the prem .
Signing the likes of Benzema would only make the situation worse as none of them would accept a bench role. Tevez has played a lot of important matches this season but still he claims that he has been treated badly. He complains that he gets benched every other game and doesn't start often. Even if he is signed permanently, the situation will be the same.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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