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TEVEZ - The Movie!

By Joe J (Rooster)

Carlos Tevez, hero of West Ham last season , is to have a movie made about his life. The movie will start with his life in the mean streets of Buenos Aires known as Fort Apache, and hopefully finish with conquering the Champions League title against Chelsea.

West Ham FC will play an important role in the movie showing his accomplishment on how he and fighting West Ham Warriors made the great escape from relegation in 2007.

The film will also include the problems Tevez and West Ham had to face after the season ended (Need i say more?) The movie will also show Tevezs's major role in making this season successful for Manchester United, as there is no doubt they will win the CL Trophy (Coz i cant stand Chelsea), this will put a great ending to a film.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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