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Our most recent signings have been;

Etzaz Hussein (Norway/Islam)
Da Silva x2, Rodrigo, apparently Dodo (Brazil)
Richie de Laet (Belgium)
Macheda, Petrucci (Italy)
Berbatov (Bulgaria)
Manucho (Angola)
Ljajic, Tosic (Serbia)

and there's probably a couple more additions to our youth teams
or so that haven't been reported.

With the 6+5 rule round the corner I'm getting the impression that
either Fergie has forgotten about it, he expects all of the aforementioned
players to be naturalised and not play for a National team if not England
or he knows something we don't.

I'll admit, the rule is dubious, many loopholes, many ifs and buts and
it doesn't seem to be widely accepted. Blatter and Platini, if I'm not wrong,
would both have to be reelected for the plan to proceed and, after the recent
ruling that International teams have to pay compensation to clubs, the
EFA is thriving. Barcelona and Real Madrid are probably the only two
very big teams that could avoid the rule with ease and for a long time
as well. The rest of the big teams (us, Inter, Arsenal, Liverpool and
Chelsea to some extent) aren't as lucky.

Does the ruling seem realistic? Will it really come into play?

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No, the ruling doesn't seem realistic to me. I thought it doesn't meed European Laws for employment, from what I've heard. If the EU don't accept it, I figure they'll have a hard time enforcing the law.

Another thing about the 6+5 law is that it's too much too quickly. Going from any XI you want to 6 nationals minimum is absurd. If they did something like a 1+10, and then next year 2+9, and then next year a 3+8, it would make more sense to me. I mean, going from nothing to full tilt will really shake things up, for better or worse. That's just one problem, another is about injuries. Say you have 3 nationals only, start them every game, but one gets injured and is unable to play? What then?

Next is the sheer logistics of it all. A national team for Euros or a World Cup is comprised of 22 players, is it not (perhaps 23 if you include a 3rd keeper)? 6 nationals on a team, times 20 teams, is 120 players. Does a national manager really need a pool of players that large to decide his team? A 3+8 over 20 teams is 60 players, which is more than enough to make a national team of.

Next, assuming that UEFA pass this law, a lot of teams would need to buy national players en mass, and naturally the top clubs who have money would look to spend their money on the best nationals. So what's to stop the top teams from buying all the top talents in the country? If their goal is to help parity within leagues, this will do nothing at all, really.

And if it passes into law, then how would UEFA enforce the law? Would they fine a team for fielding less than 6 nationals, or would they deduct points from a team instead? Say it's a fine, well, a team fighting relegation might decide to take a fine in order to win a game in order to secure a place in the top flight. Surely spending £1m investment by means of a fine for fielding foreign players and getting £30m for staying in the top flight is better than saving that £1m and losing £30m potentially.

Now look at it from a point perspective and it's the same thing. Clubs would weigh the decision to have points deducted to the value of winning and taking points from the opposing team. Say it's the final day, and teams 17 and 18, equal on points but one ahead on GD, are playing to see who stays up. Team 17 could field as many foreign players as they want so long as they win, and a 3 point deduction from their final tally would just mean this game cancels itself out. Unreasonable, considering they could play with 6 nationals and get a draw and still stay up on GD, but there are other scenarios that I haven't thought of that would make my point better.

And if it's UEFA's goal to improve the national teams, then it's also doomed to failure. The best players in the world are in the Premier League. If a foreign player wants to come here, why should they decline? It gives the nationals in a league the opportunity to play week in and week out against some of the best players in the world. If that doesn't improve them, then playing against more mediocre nationals won't do anything either. What needs to happen is for a country to have more diversity. Send more Englishmen to Italy, Spain, France, and Germany. Have players in different leagues experiencing different ways to play the game would do more than a 6+5 law ever would.

Sorry for the diatribe, but it's senseless how stupid this idea is.

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You raise some interesting points.

I'd just like to point out that the intention is for the rule to be 4+7,
then 5+6 the year after and finally 6+5.

A major problem of the rule is that 6 "nationals" would have to start
the match but not necessarily finish it. How embarassing would it be
for teams to be pushed to having to substitute one of their "nationals"
after 5 minutes or so?

I don't think the aim is to strengthen the national team but young
"homegrown" talent who, otherwise, wouldn't play. It could backfire
however. Teams like Aston Villa or Stoke who shouldn't have trouble
with the rule might look for foreign talent to maximise their foreign
quota as English talent will probably go up in price.

What you say about punishment is also interesting, there could indeed
be times when playing more foreigners than those allowed could outweigh
potential punishments but, when you consider that teams can actually
have 8 foreign players on the pitch when you consider substitutions it
does seem unlikely.

I don't like the rule at all but a vital step would be to consider EU players
nationals, then again it wouldn't make a difference as Spain limits the non-EU
players to 3 per team (obviously unless you have dual citizenship). I'm not sure
who's going to profit from this apart from players like Kieran Richardson who
would probably still be at United had the rule come into play earlier.

The repercussions are too great, too unpredictable, there's so many holes in
the rule, I doubt it will happen.

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I do hope the 6+5 rule comes into place and I'm really not worried. We have a strong English core to our team and half the players you listed aren't going to be here much longer, if they were here in the first place? Did we ever sign Etzaz Hussein or was that just paper talk??? Also, Manucho and Richie De Laet wont be the corner stones of the United team in a few years so dont worry.
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