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We've all seen the Chelsea manager standing, and sitting on
the sideline, with a sulk that would make a baby cry. He
looked like someone who was a scary character yet seemed
to have the personality of the friendly giant as he mumbled his
way through the post-match media interviews.....

Suddenly the thread has snapped and the beast has been let
out of his cage. Grant has hit out at the media for focusing to
much on Chelsea's loss to Tottenham Hotspur in the Carling
Cup Final last weekend. Grant accused the media of "lies"
and he was far from happy when he spoke to them today.

"You didn't behave too nicely. Now I don't respect you too
much because we lost one game and you've taken it too far.
I don't like it."

This also comes in wake of an alleged row between club
captain, John Terry and their new assistant manager, Henk
ten Cate. Grant did admit that there had been a
disagreement, but attempted to quell speculation that there
was trouble arising, by stating that the two had shook hands
and made up.

Is this all unfair on Grant who has made many football fans
almost forget about the "Special One", by keeping up with the
Champions and Arsenal. Chelsea are still in the running and
ready to pounce on any mistake the top two may have to offer.
Have the media take this too far? Grant also received death
threats not too long ago so he could surely be forgiven to blow
off a bit of steam....

"But it's your (the media's) problem. You need to check the
facts. Some 95% of what was written didn't happen."

Is Avram beginning to crack under pressure and realise that the
season is looking trophyless?

All of this coupled with William Gallas' actions last weekend at
Birmingham, must have a Scotsman in Manchester sitting back
enjoying the beautiful game that is football...
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