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The "beautiful Game" really so Beautiful?

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The beautiful Game, like Fencing - a noble art. But is it really, when drugs, Sex Scandals, crowd trouble, Corruption, Racism and tragic death hits the game. How can a game be so beautiful and so bad?

Has the meaning of "Joga Bonito"- play beautiful - gone astray? Football can be made look beautiful by the Joga adds. Refs book you for anything these days.

Players refuse to sign new contracts because they want more money. Players turn down clubs because of there pay. What are they complaining about? Nothing, its just shear greed. John Terry, Rio Ferdinand are 2 examples, Veron when he left for Chelsea, he demanded big money.

Sex Scandals – Christoph Daum, Wayne Rooney. That sort of thing doesn't damage their reputation but rather the games reputation.

Then you have the major problem of Racism especially in La Liga – Just look at Zaragoza. Samuel Eto'o has being targeted countless times! Why haven't FIFA come down hard on these clubs, I mean seriously hard?

Ever since Marc Viven – Foe, it seems there are more and more deaths in football.
Serginho the Defender I think for Sao Caetano, Csaba Feher and of course Antonio Puerta most recently.

What I am putting forward to you is – Has the “Beautiful Game†itself and its name been ruined by players, agents and other scandals? Can football ever change and rebuild a reputation?
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The deaths are very sad thing to happen - but what can you do about this ?

Nothing - it happens.

As for sex, drugs etc etc this is very bad situation and I think clubs need to make these player behave much better.

Young boys and girls watch these guys and they make them their idols !!!

So if Ronaldo, Ronaldhino or Rooney do something these children think is OK to do it too.

Sex scandals should mean a big, big fine - for bringing their club into disrepute. Not fine like £25,000 this is nothing for them... !!! Maybe fine like £320,000 or 4 weeks wages.

And for drugs !!!! I say life ban and no appeal !!!

Even for missing drugs test this is life ban too..... I tell you no one will ever miss this test if they face this ban for life.

And for racism in the crowd find the people doing this with the CCTV and throw them out - never let them back again !!

Too much time now spent being too nice and 'soft' with this kind of thing ....

Now be hard and response from player and crowd will come !!!
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