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Who would you consider to be the best of the best in central midfield for United over the past 15 years ?

Paul Ince

Apps: 116
Goals: 19
Ince was integral in securing United's first Premier League success. Hard as nails and an England international, "The Guv'nor" was uncompromising in the tackle and packed a ferocious shot. He enjoyed taking on defenders and his passes inevitably found their targets.

Nicky Butt

Apps: 210 (60)
Goals: 21
A winner of six Premier League titles, four FA Cups and a Champions League medal, Nicky Butt was primarily a defensive midfielder. He was, however, phenomenally creative and technically sound. Perhaps the greatest testament to Butt's skills came when Brazil legend Pele named him his player of the tournament at the 2002 World Cup.

Roy Keane

Apps: 309 (17)
Goals: 33
Roy Keane was the kind of player who brought out the best in those around him. A true box-to-box midfielder, Keane dominated the centre of the park and set the tempo for United's play. A no-nonsense tackler, Keane left his mark on more than a few opponents.

Paul Scholes

Apps: 306 (65)
Goals: 95
Another of the Reds' academy graduates, Paul Scholes has been a United regular for more than a decade. Undoubtedly the most effective passer of the ball in the current squad, Scholes rarely gives away possession and has a keen eye for goal. In fact, no other United player has scored more times in the Premier League.

Juan Sebastian Veron

Apps: 45 (6)
Goals: 7
The Argentina international's stay may have been short but its impact is still remembered fondly. A classy South American playmaker, Veron's vision was astounding. Like Keane, he could take hold of a game and dictate its pace, often sparking into life in the blink of an eye. On his day, Seba was a joy to watch.

Michael Carrick

Apps: 29 (4)
Goals: 3
Carrick's arrival from Spurs in 2006 gave United's midfield some much needed stability. Never flashy or wasteful in possession, the England international prefers to keep things simple. That said, Carrick can unlock the tightest of defences with a pinpoint pass and has started to find his shooting range.

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Veron remembered fondly?? Only that we got half the money back from the Blue Tools...

Keane was everything you'd want in a United player but I cant say that I prefer him to Scholes, there is just something special about the ginger wizard, he is a walking advertisement of all that is beautiful in the beautiful game, a joy to watch and a Red through and through.

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Bryan Robson was the original midfield dynamo, covering miles and miles in his fantastic box to box play for United. Quite often, Robson was the barometer for the team. If Robbo played well, United played well. If Robbo had a mare... you guessed it!

Only one man comes close to eclipsing Robbo and that's Roy Keane. To me he epitomised the indomitable spirit of United, the idea that United are never beaten, but simply run out of time...

Two of the greatest wearers of the red shirt in the history of Manchester United.
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