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Heard this... it's about overpaid footballers, it's brilliant... read the lyrics, should be number one, it's called:
Papersoul, Paperstar

We know you'd leave for a better deal
How much cash do you want to kick a ball round some grass

Its Gone too far
Your corporate charms
You got bling, earring, wag and a jag

Weekly you're paid 100 k convert to my wage… I pay 10 grand to see you play every game, don't complain

We don't know who you are
Paper soul, paper star
We don't know who you are
Paper soul, paper star.

Disrespect is what we feel
In this rain we're queuing to watch some thieves steal our cash
You go down like you been shot, keep rolling rolling its all sleight of hand

Weekly you're paid 100 k… choke in all the big games…
foreign mates make you seem you can play, alone you're so plain.

got it off itunes, it's by The Baddies
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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