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I was reading in a newspaper about who the sports writer think is the worst notorius divers.
Top of the list was Sevilla's Jesus Navas. I havent seen too many Sevilla games but I remember how a mate was complaining how the Sevilla no 7 was diving more then our no 7.

I always thought the awful Inzaghi of AC Milan is the worst diver in the world. I cant forget how he took a dive against Turkey in Euro 2000. He was standing on his knee and celebrating to the Italian fans at that end. UH!

Who do you think is the worst diver?

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worst : david villa he was sent off in the first game of the season cuz he divied twice
and there is also drogba who dive bad
best : ronaldo he dont dive all the time but when he dives it is hard to notice

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Best: Ronaldo (Although thats not nescerially a compliment)
Worst: Drogba (LMAO)

Oooh, wait and that Rivaldo moment in th '02 World Cuo when Brazil were playing
South Korea (I think), and they had a corner and someone hit the ball, it hit his
waist and then went down, clutching his face as if Ali had delivered a thunderous

Also the Dida moment earlier in the season was an absolute disgrace!

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Oh, oh, pick me, pick me! Gillardino Vs Celtic and the Oscar goes too... Come to think of it Dida vs Celtic was also horrendous. What is it with Milan Vs Celtic matches that brings out the inner diver?
The Gillardino dive is on the left, Dida is on the right.


fazman said:
there not the worst though are they zuco
I never said Pires and Klinsmann were the worst, although
they are right up there, I said they were comical.

Adebayor's was really bad and that's why he was booked for it ;)
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